Applicants can be individuals or organisations, but must be resident/based in the parish of Silverton, or acting for the benefit of residents of the parish of Silverton. 


Individuals should be in a condition of hardship or distress which could be directly relieved by a grant of money, or paying for items, services or facilities.

Organisations can apply for funds if that organisation's aim is to provide items, services or facilities to persons in hardship or distress, or for any charitable purpose for the general benefit of the residents of the parish of Silverton*. More details as set out in the Trust's governing document can be found on the Governance page.


Please note, before your application can be considered you must demonstrate the following:

  • Applicants (individual or organisations) must have applied for all relevant statutory benefits or public funds to which the applicant may be entitled, and a result of those applications be known. This must be declared to the Trust.

  • The need must be for a specific item, service or facility and reasonable in the circumstances.

*Please note, priority will be given to applications demonstrating hardship or distress.

Application Form

This application form is to be used for all applications to the Silverton Parochial Trust. Please complete all the details. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Applications cannot be for relief of rates, taxes or other public funds

Although applications to the Trust are not limited for any individual or organisation, the Trustees cannot commit to repeat or to the renewal of funds. Each request for funding must be via a separate application.

Printable Form

Word Form (Editable)

Paper forms can also be collected from the Spar, The Meads, Wyndham House Surgery and the School.